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Cinter Career Services is looking for a Senior Application Engineer -Manufacturing 

Client: Valve and other metal components manufacturer Salary range: 90-100k(EOD) Location: Fremont, CA Permanent full time position The Senior Application Engineer is responsible for being the primary technical resource for the sales department and acts as the technical expert for the customer. This position drives the engineering activities of products applying in the semiconductor manufacturing process involving design, production, development, and quality assurance to provide engineering service and technical consulting. Also, he or she serves as the technical liaison to communicate with other facilities in the world. Job Description Essential Functions: Acts as the customer’s primary technical representative from company. Acts as technical expert for the company for both internal and external customers. General Engineering Responsible for the product development of all company’s products, and the technical support to sales of new and ongoing business in the U.S. Maintains expert level of product knowledge, and application. Coordinates all technical requirements to support the efforts of the sales department. Identifies and provide reliable solutions for all technical issues to assure complete customer satisfaction through all stages of the sales process. Articulates technology and product positioning to both business and technical users. Provides design and specification development support to consultants, integrators, and distributors. Provides technical consulting of the fluid delivery modules for the customers in assembly, maintenance, production, and troubleshooting. Responds to functional and technical elements of Requests for Information (RFls)/ Requests for Proposal (RFPs). Listens, understands and provides solutions to customer requirements. Performs technical/product training for salespersons, estimators, and engineers at targeted accounts. Assists in the design and development of new products and tools necessary to make target accounts comfortable and successful at selling valves and fittings products. Maintains accurate records of target accounts, opportunities, quotes, projects, contacts and correspondence in company approved databases. Travels to project sites to preform start-up, integration, and training services. Performs on-site troubleshooting and resolving problems. Establishes and maintains strong relationships throughout the sales cycle. Makes technical presentations with or without a representative from the sales organization. Represents all of company’s product lines and experience for new or present customers. Makes technical visits on behalf of company, to technical groups at various customers, potential customers, and other organizations. Gathers information from potential customers and develop products that meet customer needs. Communicates with people on all levels in a multitude of organizations. Resolves customer issues or difficulties in a manner that is consistent with the company mission, values, and financial objectives. Investigates and reports failure products to the manufacturing facility in Japan. Maintains professional business relationships within target accounts. Provides status of ongoing projects and future projects. Identifies customer’s needs and sales opportunities to help future growth. Responsible for managing the entire product life cycle. Program Liaison Performs in engineering projects to develop, maintain and support components, products and/or services per market demands, as well as for continual process improvements. Performs or conduct engineering evaluations including investigations, basic calculations and tests that have well defined requirements and desired outcomes. Provides practical and tactical solutions to solve problems that are associated with engineering projects or evaluations. Takes responsibility for one’s own learning and development for the mutual benefit of one’s self and the organization. Acts as a group leader for those who are supporting components, products and/or services as well as continual improvements in engineering processes. Participates in and supports programs for effective communication of engineering issues to ensure compliance with global standards for design and safety of products and services, as well as engineering best practices. Participates in and supports improvements to streamline engineering processes used to design, develop, maintain, and support components, products, and/or services. Participates in effective Change Management to achieve the desired organizational outcomes by successfully changing individual behaviors as needed. Supports affiliates of the company and customers in the U.S., Japan, and some other countries in the technical aspects. Creates technical documents, product handling manuals, products specifications, and presentations from Japanese to English or/and from English to Japanese. Develops product handling manuals, products specifications, and presentations in English. Performs special projects and other miscellaneous duties as assigned by management. Reports all irregular issues and problems to manager for resolution Accuracy-Ability to provide accurate data and reports with few mistakes, low error rate Analysis -Ability to perform critical or minute examination of facts or data to develop a hypothesis, theory, or conclusion Attention to detail -Ability to accomplish work tasks through concern for all areas involved, no matter how small the detail Confidentiality – Ability to appropriately handle sensitive and confidential information Delegation – Ability to divide work and dispatch it to others for successful completion Diplomacy -Ability to successfully negotiate while exercising tact in dealing with internal and external personnel, customers, and others, especially while under pressure English writing- Ability to provide clear expression of ideas in written English and in good grammatical form Flexibility/Adaptability-Ability to successfully change one’s behavior to match different situations, environments, tasks, responsibilities or people Initiative/follow-through -Ability to begin follow-through energetically with a plan or task on a consistent basis judgment – Developing courses of action and making sound and mature business decisions based on information, logic, experience, and intuition Listening and understanding – Ability to listen and understand for problem solving Math skills -Ability to productively work with numbers and accurately perform arithmetical, algebraic, or geometric calculations Monitoring/control -Ability to scrutinize or systematically check work activities or direct changes Multi-tasking-Ability to handle multiple tasks at one time Negotiation/persuasiveness -Ability to effectively present conceptual or factual Office equipment usage -Ability to use typical office equipment (e.g., calculator, fax, keyboard, copierだetc.) Personal computer usage -Ability to use a personal computer for business applications, such as word processing, financial spreadsheets, presentations, charts, etc. Planning and Organizing -Ability to establish a course of action for one’s self or for others to accomplish to attain a specific goal Presentation – Ability to effectively express information, ideas, and concepts formally to groups of people Product knowledge -An understanding of the Company’s products and/or services Project management -Ability to successfully plan and execute complex projects, including establishment of schedules, budgets, human resources, and capital resources Team Orientation -Ability to integrate into a group and hand individual responsibilities and task while maintaining focus on desired results Technical -Ability to understand, use, and apply specific technical information related to the Company’s products and services Time management -Ability to develop and execute projects and task schedules effectively and consistently, especially while operating under deadlines or with interruptions Working and cooperating with others -Ability to work effectively with others for a common objective Requirement: Education Bachelor’s Degree (BS) in Engineering (preferably mechanical, electrical, or chemical engineering) or Sciences (physics) from a four-year college or university or equivalent combination of education and experience Experience Between five to ten years of previous experience in a similar position in the microelectronics or semiconductor industry. Must be an expert in reading, writing, speaking, understanding, and communicating with others in English AND Japanese. Must have an expert level of technical knowledge and engineering skills of tools, equipment and systems used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and manufacturing facility. Experience in designing gas delivery systems and related components such as valves, manifolds, and fittings is preferred but not required. Mental, Physical, and Environmental Automobile usage and skills – Must have a valid Driver’s License in the state of residence and be able to drive to customer locations Eyesight/vision – Requires vision abilities, such as close vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust focus Lifting 15 lbs. – Must be able to occasionally lift and/or move up to 15 pounds. Physical sight – Ability to read and analyze data in hard copy and on a computer screen; ability to measure or identify using eyesight Technical analysis -Ability to calculate, apply basic statistics, write, and speak using technical vocabulary Telephone communications-Ability to communicate verbally using a telephone Travel – Occasional travel is required by both car and airplane; sometimes overnight Verbal and written communications -Ability to communicate verbally and in writing to individuals and groups Work Environment – Work is performed in a typical “white collar ˜office environment and requires the employee to sit frequently. In addition, the employee is occasionally required to stand, walk, use hands and fingers, and reach with hands and arms. Work pressure/stress -Ability to handle job stress and work pressure from varying demands on one’s time; ability to manage multiple work projects simultaneously. Powered by JazzHR

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